• Smoked Cheddar & Bacon

  • Veggie


  • Roasted Veggie (vegan)

  • Herbed Chicken & Coleslaw 



  • Moroccan 9 Vegetable (gluten free, vegan)

  • Butternut Squash (gluten free, vegan)

  • Wicked Thai Chicken (dairy free)


  • Patagonia Power Salad - chicken, quinoa, faro, baby kale

  • Farmhouse Vegetable - cauliflower, beets, sweet potato, rainbow carrots, kale

  • Beet Bliss Salad - beets, pistachios, goat cheese, kale

  • Ontario Harvest - carrots, quinoa, chickpeas, grapes, pea shoots, golden raisins, sunflower seeds

  • Silk Road - kale, edamame, tofu, carrots, pea spouts


THE COFFEE SONG - Frank Sinatra

At Archtop we are passionate about coffee.  All our coffee is fair trade and freshly roasted every week.  We have a variety of coffee available in house or purchase a bag for home. 


Our espresso is a blend of beans from Honduras, Peru, Mexico and  Belize.  Some of our espresso based drinks include:


  • Latte

  • Cappuccino

  • Cortado

  • Macchiato

  • Americano Misto

  • Caramel Latte

  • Nutella Cappuccino

  • Dirty Chai Latte


  • Tea Lattes

  • Chai Lattes

  • Frappes

  • Pure Fruit Smoothies

  • Milkshakes

*we have a selection of more than 20 loose teas







ICE CREAM - Sarah McLachlan

  • The Duo - espresso and ice cream

  • The Duet - ice cream and pure fruit puree

  • The 99 - vanilla ice cream in a waffle cone with a Cadbury flake

*our ice cream is all natural and 100% real ice cream

Archtop Music Cafe Port Credit is located in the charming Port Credit community in south Mississauga.  Close to the Waterfront Trail, many parks, Lake Ontario and the Port Credit Marina, Archtop Music Cafe is a cozy, coffee shop that serves freshly baked pastries, delicious soups and sandwiches, ice cream, and some of the best coffee, tea, and smoothies in town.


Archtop Vinyl Cafe

109 Lakeshore Rd East

Mississauga, ON

L5G 1E2


Vinyl Cafe Hours

Monday - Thursday- 8am - 6pm

Friday - Saturday- 8am - 6pm

Sunday - 9am - 6pm

Holidays - 9am - 6pm

Archtop Coffee Bar

91 Lakeshore Rd East

Mississauga, ON

L5G 1E2


Coffee Bar Hours

Monday - Thursday- 7am - 7pm

Friday - Saturday- 7am - 7pm

Sunday - 7am - 7pm

Holidays - 7am - 7pm

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